Bus timetables
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Fares valid from 1st September 2023

You can travel by ATB and TEB busses, trams and funiculars with the same ticket for the duration indicated.
Remeber that tickets:

  • must be stamped as soon as you get on the means of transport, with the exception of tickets purchased with the ATB mobile app and on board
  • are not transferable
  • are purchasable also with the ATB mobile app and on board


€ 1,70
valid 75' from validation
€ 2,30
valid 75' from validation
€ 3,00
valid 90' from validation
€ 3,20
valid 105' from validation
€ 3,50
valid 120' from validation

Multi-trip tickets

Multi -trip tickets are the most practical and convenient solution to have always a ticket ready to use.

€ 14,50 valid 75' from validation
€ 19,50 valid 75' from validation
€ 25,00 valid 90' from validation
€ 27,50 valid 105' from validation
€ 29,50 valid 120' from validation

Ticket purchased on board

Passa e Vai

The "Passa e Vai. Basta la carta" system accepts debit, credit and prepaid VISA VPAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express contacless cards and NFC smartphones Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

A credit card allow to buy the ticket for just one person.

  • One Zone
    75' ticket: € 1,70
    Best fare (maximum daily fare): € 4,90
  • More Zones
    120' ticket: € 3,50
    Best fare (maximum daily fare): € 8,50

Ticket vending machine

Payment with coins by credit card. Ticket vending machines do not return coins and do not give change.
Tickets are already validated.

  • 1 zone: € 1,70 valid 75' from purchase
  • 2 zones: € 2,30 valid 75' from purchase
  • 3 - 4 - 5 zones - Airport Bus: € 3,50 valid 120' from purchase

Tourist tickets

€ 4,90 City 24h ticket 

Valid 24 hours from validation within Bergamo City.
Luggage included.

€ 8,50 Airport Bus 24h ticket

Valid 24 hours from validation on whole ATB and TEB network.
Luggage included.

€ 14,50 Airport Bus 24h ticket

Valid 72 hours from validation on whole ATB and TEB network.
Luggage included.

Combined Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 tickets

A unique ticket that allows people to move easily within, by the Local Public Transport, and between, by Trenord railway connection, Bergamo and Brescia and to visit the main museums of the two cities.

See here fares and further details. 

Return ticket for groups

Return ticket for groups can be purchased for a minimum of 10 people:

  • at the Bus Station ticket office
  • at the ATB Point
  • at the  City Funicular Lower Station ticket office
  • online

Fares per person and duration. The duration of each trip starts when the ticket is stamped:

  • 1 zone: € 3,10 valid 60 minutes
  • 2 zones: € 3,40 valid 75 minutes
  • 3 zones: € 4,00 valid 90 minutes
  • 4 zones: € 4,40 valid 105 minutes
  • 5 zones: € 4,90 valid 120 minutes

Family & Friends

Valid on Saturdays and public holidays in the ATB urban area (Bergamo municipality), they allow families and small groups of friends to travel by busses, funiculars and trams all day long.
Available fares:

    3 passengers: 8,50 euros
    4 passengers: 11,00 euros
    5 passengers: 13,00 euros

Family & Friends tickets are on sale at the ATB Point, the City Funicular ticket office and all the ticket offices withing Bergamo city or can be purchased with the ATB Mobile app.