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Fare System

The ATB System is a fare system for travelling within the city of Bergamo and the 29 surrounding towns by bus, funicular train and the T1 Bergamo- Albino tramway.
Thanks to the traffic map showing all the places linked and the routes, you can work out which ticket you need in no time at all. Just select your departure point and count the number of zones you will travel through to get to your destination. Each zone you travel through equates to an increase in the fare.
Travelling around within the same zone, including the city of Bergamo in the centre of the map (Zone 00), costs a single-zone fare.
With the ATB System you travel in your chosen zones by bus, funicular and by the T1 Bergamo- Albino tram for the duration of your ticket.
Here are some examples:

  • Orio al Serio Airport- Upper Town: I leave Zone 24, cross Zone 14 and arrive in Zone 00, so I need a 3-Zone ticket that will allow me to get the Airport Bus and change onto the funicular.
  • San Vigilio-Ranica: I leave Zone 00 and arrive at my destination in Zone 22. Ranica is on the border and therefore I need tickets and passes for 2 Zones so I can take the San Vigilio funicular, change onto the Number 1 for Porta Nuova and continue on the Number 11 or T1 Bergamo-Albino tramway.

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The tables show all the fares and validity times of our ticket.

FARE SUMMARY (applicable from 1st September 2023)

TICKET 1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones 5 or more zones
Tickets 1,70 (75 min) 2,30 (75 min) 3,00 (90 min) 3,20 (105 min) 3,50 (120 min)
Carnet of 10 tickets 14,50 (75 min) 19,50 (75 min) 25,00 (90 min) 27,50 (105 min) 29,50 (120 min)
Return ticket for groups
(At least 10 people)*
3,10 (60 min) 3,40 (75 min) 4,00 (90 min) 4,40 (105 min) 4,90 (120 min)

* The ticket must be stamped on both the outward and return journeys. The duration refers to each time it is stamped.

TOURIST TICKETS City only Whole Network
24 hr ticket 4,90 8,50
72 hr ticket - 14,50
SEASON TICKET 1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones 5 or more zones Whole Network
Ordinary weekly pass (Mon-Sun) 14,50 18,50 23,00 24,50 28,00 -
Ordinary monthly pass (including holidays) 36,00 47,00 58,00 62,00 70,00 78,00
Ordinary annual pass (including holidays) 325,00 405,00 474,00 549,00 623,00 692,00

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