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Passa e vai. Basta la carta

With "Passa e vai. Basta la carta" service tickets can be bought directly on board of buses, funiculars and tramway travelling within the ATB network. You can use your contactless credit/debit or prepaid card and take advantage of the best daily travel fare.


The "Passa e Vai. Basta la carta" system is simple and intuitive: just bring your contactless payment card or smart phone close to the on-board validator while getting on, in other words make a 'tap', and choose your fare on the touch screen display between:

  • 1 zone ticket - valid 75 minutes from the purchase
  • More zone ticket - valid 120 from the purchase

If the 'tap' is successful, the validator will beep and the display will show the ticket features (zones, duration and price).

Each time you change the means of transport, even within the duration of the first ticket, you must make another 'tap' with the same device as before and select the fare. The system will charge a new ticket only when the previous one expires, automatically applying the most advantageous fare based on the trips made during the day. There are no bank transaction fees charged to the customer.

Differently from the purchase of a paper ticket or one purchased from the ATB Mobile app, the user can buy at first a One Zone ticket and, until expiration, increase the zones without being charged for a new trip.

At the first daily 'tap', the customer receives a pre-authorization request of a variable amount (up to a maximum of 7.00 euros) depending on the credit card circuit and on the reference bank. During the next days, the correct amount is charged, calculated according to the best fare as follows:

Passa e vai fares
Single ticket
Best fare
  One zone

€ 1,70

(75 minutes duration)

€ 4,90
  More zone

€ 3,50

(120 minutes duration)

€ 8,50

The "Passa e Vai. Basta la carta" system accepts debit, credit and prepaid VISA VPAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express contacless cards and NFC smartphones Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. If the card is refused, you should check with your bank to see if it is enabled for payment.

If the credit card amount is insufficient, the system registers an invalid payment and, as a result, does not allow any other use of the service.

A credit card allow to buy the ticket for just one person.

In brief


By registering with the "Portale del viaggiatore" you can check the list of your payments, receive an email for each 'tap' with the related ticket features and pay any outstanding amount to reactivate your credit card for the use of the system.


At the request of inspectors, the passenger must provide, in addition to personal details, the last 4 digits of the physical or the virtual card associated with the smartphone.
In the second case, depending on the app used, the customer displays the following wording within the app itself:

  • "Virtual Account Number" for Google Pay
  • "Device ID number" for Apple Pay
  • "Digital card number" for Samsung Pay.

The data provided is used exclusively for payment verification and is not stored in any way by the control devices used.


Check out here the FAQs about the service.

Watch the tutorial


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