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The Group

ATB Mobilità SpA

The Company provides mobility services, such as:

  • Management of paying parking spaces, i.e. blue stripes, in the city (approximately 2,500)
  • Maintenance of road signs and traffic light systems using the latest technology
  • Operation of restricted traffic areas
  • Information about mobility and coordination through the Mobility Centre
  • Planning a car park in the Upper Town, through Bergamo Parcheggi SpA, a company created by ATB, Parcheggi Italia and other companies for this purpose.

Company structure

Board of directors

  • Chairman
    Alessandro Redondi
  • General Manager
    Gian Battista Scarfone
  • Board members
    Marco Berlanda
    Giorgio Berta
    Serenella Cadei
    Miriam Campana

Board of statutory auditors

  • Presidente
    Ottavio Rota
  • Sindaci effettivi
    Maurizio Maffeis
    Maria Rachele Vigani
  • Sindaci supplenti
    Mario Giudici
    Angela Reggiani

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