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The Group

The Group

Founded in 1907, ATB operates in the area of Bergamo and the 29 surrounding municipalities offering transport and mobility services to many people every day.  Over the years ATB services have expanded in both public transport (funiculars, buses and trams) and mobility services.
The main focus of the Group's investments is to expand its activities and improving its service through the introduction of innovative technology.  In order to manage processes better and offer a service that responds to the community's needs, ATB has become a Group made up of 5 companies owned by the holding company ATB Mobilità S.p.A.

In 2003 transport services were separated from the company's other business in accordance with regional law, and ATB Servizi S.p.A. was born from ATB S.p.A.

ATB Mobilità Spa

ATB Servizi Spa

ATB Group is part of the following national and international associations:

ATB and the city of Bergamo. An important link.

ATB is a founding member of the Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia (Bergamo History Foundation), an ordinary member of  theBergamoScienza Association (Bergamo Science Festival), the Fondazione per la Storia Economica e Sociale di Bergamo (Bergamo Economic and Social History Foundation) and the Centro di Etica Ambientale (Center of Environmental Ethics).
Furthermore it is partner in the Consorzio per la Promozione Turistica della Città di Bergamo (City of Bergamo Tourism Promotion Consortium).