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Guests and travellers

How to get to Bergamo Bus Station

The bus station is located in the immediate vicinity of the railway station, of the terminus of the TEB (Bergamo - Albino tramway link), of the Arriva Italia - Bergamo operating unit (terminus of some suburban lines of the Province of Bergamo), as well as of the Bus Station Car Park, of one of the stalls of the bikesharing service La BiGi (on the side of Piazzale degli Alpini), of an interchange point of the car sharing service E-Vai and of the cab station.

Mappa stazione autolinee

Bus Station Car Park

Adjacent to the bus station there is a parking lot owned by the Municipality of Bergamo and managed by ATB Mobility, which offers 153 parking spaces, including 3 reserved for people with disabilities and 100 for subscribers to the Local Public Transport service. For the latter, in case of monthly subscription, the rate is discounted by 20%.
The parking lot is open from 06.00 to 21.00.
For further information visit the page Parking Autolinee of the ATB website.

Bike sharing La BiGi

Near the bus station, and more precisely on Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII in the area next to Piazzale Alpini, there is a docking station of the bike sharing of Bergamo called La BiGi.

Terms and Conditions for travellers

The sidewalks of the bus station are reserved for passengers and any accompanying persons, who are required to circulate within the area exclusively in the dedicated spaces, to use the appropriate pedestrian walkways and to strictly comply with the signs (horizontal, vertical and possibly manual).
It is expressly provided that:

  • ATB Mobilità S.p.A. (Station Manager) is not liable for any damage (even in the event of accidents involving Medium or Lond Distance operators or Public Transport operators) or theft caused by third parties to persons, things and/or vehicles parked or in transit inside the terminal;
  • It is forbidden to leave one's own luggage unattended; therefore, under no circumstances will ATB Mobilità S.p.A. be liable for any theft or damage;
  • it is forbidden to cross the bus transit lanes except through the crosswalks;
  • inside the terminal it is forbidden to hold meetings and assemblies, as well as to promote or carry out commercial, religious or recreational activities, unless prior written authorization from ATB Mobilità S.p.A. has been communicated to the Police;
  • it is expressly forbidden to engage in any kind of street vending activity of any kind or form, unless prior written authorisation has been given by ATB Mobilità S.p.A. to the Police and the Municipality of Bergamo;
  • it is forbidden to display, install and distribute notices, signs, advertising, propaganda and similar posters of any shape and size, unless prior written authorisation has been given by ATB Mobilità S.p.A., which has the right to order the removal of unauthorised advertising media at the offenders' expense;
  • it is forbidden to annoy other users of the terminal;
  • it is forbidden to behave or dress in such a way as to undermine the public decorum of the bus station.

The Information Plan of the Bus Station (PIA) can be downloaded in its complete form.

Information on transport services and rights of passengers travelling by bus and coach

Below are the carriers authorized to stop at Bergamo Bus Station.
On their respective websites, passengers can find the general conditions of carriage, the channels and methods of contact for complaints, information on tickets and the timetables of the lines passing through Bergamo Bus Station.

Local Public Transport Carriers

Medium and Long Distance Carriers

Passenger rights are guaranteed by the individual operators who provide the transport service.
The Bus Station Manager is not responsible for any damage and/or inconvenience caused by the carriers.
It is possible to download Regolamento UE 181-2011 regarding Passenger Rights.
It is possible to submit reports/complaints to the Regulatory Authority for Transport, pursuant to Regulation (EU) no. 181/2011, concerning passengers' rights in bus and coach transport, only after having submitted a complaint to the carrier and after 90 days from the submission.
The complaint may be forwarded by: