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The new electronic ticketing system to travel on all buses, trams and funiculars in a convenient and technological way.


Travel documents are charged on the electronic tickets.
To use them when boarding, tap the ticket on the validator.

On AtBip electronic tickets it is possible to charge and recharge:

  • Timed tickets from One to Five or more zones: the best choice for occasional travellers.
  • 10-trip tickets: for those who know they have a full week or for those who travel in company. With the 10-trip tickets, you can use as many trips as you need, even for more than one person at the same time, until the remaining validity.
  • 24- or 72- hour tickets: for those who know they need to use public transportation several times during busy days, or for tourists visiting Bergamo.

Every ticket allows to charge travel documents of the same type and fare.


Every time you board a bus -as well as every time you change vehicles, regardless of how long your ticket is valid- you must validate it at the green validators. On buses and trams there is a validator at each door, at the funiculars validators are at the entrance turnstiles.

When you board, pull your ticket on to the validator. As soon as you hear the "Beep," the ride begins. If more than one trip is to be made, do the same gesture each time you board a new vehicle.
Validators show these messages:

  • With the Ordinary ticket validator shows you the remaining validity time.
  • With the 10-trip ticket validator shows you the number of the remaining trips.
    To use it for other people in addition tap the ticket a second time and select the number of people to add. After making the selection, tap the ticket again to confirm your choice.
  • With 24- or 72- hour ticket, for the city or the entire network, validator shows you the expiration date and time.

If you have exceeded your zones or there are no more trips available, validator signals you this with a different sound. To travel again you just need to recharge your ticket.


AtBip electronic tickets are on sale at the authorized sales points and at ticket machines at main ATB and TEB stops.

They must not be thrown away after use because you can recharge them as many times as you want! Simply go to one of the sales points or to the ticket machines at the stops. At the sales points you have to tell the operator the type of ticket you want to buy, while at the ticket machines the ticket should be placed in the proper place and you can choose zones and type from the display. When the e-ticket is empty, it is also possible to change types and zones.

Use the ticket, recharge it and use it again!

To read the number of remaining trips ask to one of the ATB sales points, or at the ticket machines at the stops by placing the ticket in the proper space.

Paper tickets currently in circulation must be used by May 31, 2024.

See the information folder or watch the video tutorial.