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Public transport

In case of accident

To limit accidents on board and on the road (safety) and protecting the safety and property of travellers (security) is our commitment to safe travel.

On board of our buses we have installed video surveillance systems that allow us, in the event of an incident (loss, theft or assault), to save the recorded images to make them available to public safety authorities.

Passengers interested in checking the recordings should forward their request to info@atb.bergamo.it or to the Data Protection Officer rpd@atb.bergamo.atb, indicating any useful reference to trace the bus in a timely manner. In the event of a positive response, ATB shall inform the passenger so that he or she may notify the competent authorities of the existence and availability for 90 days of the registration date.

In the event of damage resulting from road traffic, the citizen involved must directly contact the company that owns the bus involved in the accident, which will be indicated by the driver, communicating the number plate or company number, as well as all other elements necessary for handling the relative file. The owning company and contact details will be indicated to the citizen by the driver of the bus.

In the event of established liability of the public transport carrier, the claim for damages shall be addressed exclusively to the individual carrier.

Contact information of ATB Consorzio's companies:

ATB Servizi S.p.A.
Via M. Gleno n. 13 – 24125 BERGAMO
tel. +39.035/364211 – fax +39.035/346211

Arriva Italia S.r.l. Bergamo - Lecco operating centre.
Piazza Marconi n. 4 - 24122 BERGAMO
tel. +39.035/289011 – fax +39.035/289090

Autoservizi Locatelli s.r.l.
Via Furietti n. 17 - 24126 BERGAMO
tel. +39.035/319366 – fax +39.035/320202

T.B.S.O. Trasporti Bergamo Sud Ovest S.p.A.
Via Milano n. 23 - 24046   OSIO SOTTO (BG)
tel. +39.035/319366 – fax +39.035/320202