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Terms and conditions for City Funicular

1) Travel documents  

Passengers using ATB Consorzio s.c.r.l. Transport Services must make sure they have the valid travel documents, and keep them for the duration of their journey as far as the final stop.
Paper and digital travel documents must be purchased before boarding, except those purchased at the ticket vending machines on board. Tickets and weekly season tickets may be used from the time they are stamped for the duration shown on the document. Ticket purchased with App ATB Mobile or at the ticket vending machines on board are already validated. Passengers whose ticket has expired must stamp another in order to finish their journey. Passengers must inform the driver about problems in validating or breakdowns. Weekly passes must be filled in with the b-card number and the route. Stamped tickets are not transferable. If the automatic vending machine on board is out of order, passengers are not authorized to travel without a travel document. Passengers who have subscribed a weekly, monthly or annual pass must always bring with them both the b-card and the pass. IVOL subscribers must show the payment receipt.

(art. 46 L.R. 4 aprile 2012, n. 6)


2) Fines

Passengers without a travel document, with a non-stamped/not in conformity/ or expired ticket are liable to pay a fine in accordance with current regulations. At the request of inspectors and funicular drivers, passengers must show their ticket, and if there is a problem, must provide a valid identity document for the purposes of filling in the penalty report. Inspectors may confiscate irregular and/or false travel documents. Passengers who breach one or more of these regulations may also be fined (art. 46 L.R. 4 aprile 2012).

(art. 46 L.R. 4 aprile 2012)


3) Children on board

A child under 1 meter in height goes free with a paying adult.
For safety reasons, only one small pram or one pushchair with a child can travel on the funicular. The lock mechanism must be in place. Adults must supervise during the journey.
In the event of a passenger in a wheelchair being on board or boarding, the pram must be folded to allow the wheelchair to be placed in the dedicated area and other passengers to get on/off.


4) Accessibility

Passengers in wheelchairs, even motor wheelchairs without carer and not exceeding kg 150 full load, may use the funicular provided all the security devices are put in place. Drivers will help them to board using the proper lift and the safety devices on the coach. Only one wheelchair per funicular is allowed.
Passengers with motor disabilities and pregnant women have priority access to the funicular.


5) Travelling with pets

Passengers may travel with:

  • all dog sizes only with leash, muzzle and ticket;
  • other animals if transported in proper boxes or bags not exceeding cm 50x30x30 in size

Passengers with pets must ensure:

  • to purchase a travel document for the animal (fares are the same as those of other passengers);
  • that pets do not get on seats, dirty or spoil the vehicle or cause damage to other passengers.

Guide and rescue dogs are allowed to travel for free, without muzzle or leash, and oversize.
If the funicular is crowded the driver can forbid the access to any kind of animal.


6) Carriage of items

Passengers can travel with a luggage not exceeding cm 20x40x60 or a small musical instrument included in the ticket. Passengers must pay a ticket for any piece of luggage up to cm 40x80x120 or for more pieces of the size allowed, including folding bikes, scooters and other electric micro-mobility devices. The passenger must arrange objects so that they do not constitute a hindrance or danger, even in case of sudden braking of the vehicle. The passenger is in any case responsible for any damage caused by persons or things, due to their transport.
It is forbidden to transport objects exceeding cm 40x80x120, bicycles, weapons, inflammables, explosives, foul-smelling or dangerous items.

7) Conduct on board

Passengers using the public transport service provided by ATB Consorzio s.c.r.l. must comply with the following rules of conduct and safety regulations:

a) get on the coach from the entrance door platform and get off  the coach on the exit platform only except for passengers with motor disabilities who get on from the side equipped with the lift. Do not pass the yellow safety line and do not go onto the platform without authorization from the staff. Follow instructions from the staff;

b) do not lean out of the windows while the vehicle is moving;

c) use the safety handles, even when seated;

d) in case the system shuts down, passengers will be required to disembark and follow instructions from the driver and safety personnel;

e) behave politely and respectfully, do not disturb staff or other passengers and do not damage devices on board;

f) give the seat to people with disabilities, elderly people or pregnant women;

g) don't activate emergency devices if not necessary;

h) follow the safety rules and the service instructions of the staff;

i) don't eat or drink on board;

j) keep the volume on mobiles and audio devices low and don't speak loud.

Failure to observe the provisions of points a), b), c), d) and h) of this article and article 3 shall exonerate ATB Consorzio s.c.r.l. from any liability in the event of any injury to the passenger during their journey.


8) No smoking

Smoking on board and in the stations, even electronic cigarettes, is forbidden.


9) Photographs and videos

Photographs and videos are allowed only in the course of a purely personal or household activity.

(art. 2 clause c GDPR)